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The first patch for the latest, 64-bit version of Microsoft's ubiquitous operating system

The first patch for the latest, 64-bit version of Microsoft's ubiquitous operating system

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Version: KB3074683

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The Windows 10 64-bit Launch Patch or KB3074683 is the first patch released for the Windows 10 operating system and an essential download.

KB3074683 is the launch patch for the 64-bit version of the Windows 10 OS, and it was available for download and installation on the first day Windows 10 was available to the public. This day one patch fixes numerous issues, provides optimizations and even adds some minor features. This is a required update and those who have their Windows set to update automatically likely already have it downloaded or installed. The patch is also available as a standalone download for local installations, for use in creating installations on CD and flash drive and so forth.

Depending on how familiar you are with Windows development, a day one patch may seem odd. After all, if this is day one, why isn’t the patch just included in the install? The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, copies of Windows on a disc were created and shipped well before launch day. Secondly, many users have been involved in a technical preview and have been receiving updates for six months or longer. KB3074683 just helps to put the finishing touches on what’s already available.

The main advantage to downloading and installing the Windows 10 64-bit Launch Path is for security. During the preview and since the availability of this disc, numerous vulnerabilities have been discovered. This patch corrects those flaws and helps to make your system run better and stay more secure. There are also bug fixes, such as a fix for an Internet Explorer bug, which was introduced in the last patch and ultimately caused crashing. The download size is less than 400 MB, and it’ll increase your OS installation size by about 1 GB. Note that there is a 32-bit version of this patch for those using Windows 10 32-bit.


  • Small download and installation
  • Fixes many security and performance issues


  • None

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